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What hexes do my settlements gather from?

Settlements gather resources from the hex they are in, and all adjacent hexes.  Look at these examples.

Does it help to build two settlements next to one resource hex?

If two settlements are adjacent to one resource hex, each settlement only gathers half of the resources it normally would.  If there are three settlements, each only gets 1/3. 

How do I move my ships?

You can return your ships by right clicking on them.  This recoups some of the resources you spent to place the ship initially, so you might be able to place it somewhere else.  If you have lots of wood and gold, you might use ships for exploring across water and then return them all if you don't find anything.  If you build a second city, you can remove the ships that connect the two cities and both function independently.  This way you can settle far away islands without leaving a huge line of ships connecting to it.

How is the distance to a settlement calculated?

It is not simply the number of hexes between the settlement and its city.  Each hex along the road or ship connection adds to the distance differently depending on the terrain passed through. 

Where are all these resources coming from at the start of the game?

At the start of the game you get resources for free, representing supplies being sent from home.  (You are supposed to be colonizing a new land after all.)  These resources stop coming after a while, and you then have to depend on what you gather yourself.

What does the % mean when I mouse over forest hexes?

Wood, brick and ore resources are eventually exhausted.  This percentage is how much is left in that hex.  When all the resources are exhausted, forests turn into plains, hills turn into wasteland, and ore hexes turn into mountains.

Can I build roads on top of other players' roads?

Yes, any number of players can build roads through the same hex. 

Where does gold come from?

Gold comes from taxes on your population.  The bigger your population, the more gold you'll get.  You also can get gold by selling resources in the market screen in the upper left.

Where does grain come from?

Grain is gathered from fertile hexes.  Grain is needed for starting new settlements.

Can I move my settlements?

You can abandon settlements by right clicking them.  This gives you back some of the resources you spent to start them, and that way you can place them somewhere else.