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How to play

Start ORG, and click Start Game in the main menu.  Choose a map size and victory point requirement, and click GO!.  The game starts paused, to wait for other players to join.

To allow players to join over the internet, you may have to forward port 39271 in your router.

Joining a game

To join a game, click Join Game in the main menu, and enter the IP address of the player who is hosting.  Games can be played with an internet or LAN connection. 

How to win

You win when your population reaches the victory requirement shown in the upper left panel.  You get population by building cities and connecting them to settlements you build in fertile land. 

Basic guide to playing Org

Settlements gather resources from hexes they are in or adjacent to.  Resources are gathered faster when a settlement is close to a city.  You build settlements by clicking on a hex that you have a road in.

Because settlements gather resources faster when they are near cities, you will want to upgrade certain settlements to cities.  To upgrade a settlement to a city, click on it.  It costs 20 gold, 5 brick and 5 ore.  Cities do not gather resources directly, so you may want to build new settlements near the city to gather resources close by.

Roads and ships are used to connect your settlements.  You can only build settlements on hexes you have a road or ship connection to.  Ships are like roads but are placed in water hexes.  Ships cost wood and gold, while roads cost brick. 

Read the FAQ for more information